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Manchester Mistress Astrid
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 9 reviews
 by FootSlaveJoe
Incredible Goddess

Mistress Astrid is everything you could hope for in a Mistress. Beautiful, domineering, sexy. She will have you hooked instantly! Mistress Astrid was the first mistress I had the pleasure of serving and I will 100% be returning.
For any newbies who are apprehensive of serving a mistress, be assured that Mistress Astrid is very kind and has your best interest at heart. She will never push you to do anything you are uncomfortable with. You are safe with her.
During the session you will be weak, begging to serve and please her. Without question you will do as she commands.
Mistress Astrid took full control of me in our session. I was lucky enough to serve as her personal foot slave; worshipping and massaging her perfect feet, aswell as her legs and ass. After this she trampled on me and edged me until I was begging to cum. An experience I haven't stopped thinking of since it ended.
By far the most stunning mistress in Manchester. I look forward to taking my rightful place at your feet once again.

 by Stuart
Mistrees Astrid

Wow, what can i say about my first ever sessionwith any mistress.
My experiance with Mistress Atrid was out of this world. She took control of me within seconds and had me under her control and had me doing whatever she wanted, it was clear that she was in full control. It was at times painful but erotic at the same time and something that i had not ecperienced before.
I will be back for more sessions and dont feel the need to visit anyone else.
Forget the rest and stay with the best.

 by Ready2Serve
Session review

Wow, what can I say. My first session with Mistress Astrid and what an awesome experience. She is a strict and sensual Dom who knows how to keep her subs in that balanced state of pleasure and pain. Being blindfolded and restrained merely heightened my senses and not knowing whether mistresses next touch was a rewarding touch or a punishing blow kept me on tenterhooks throughout. Definitely be booking a follow-up session soon.

 by Sub Martin
Outstanding Mistress!

Some things are so good, we cannot put them into words, but I’ll try my best! Mistress Astrid is an outstandingly natural and beautiful domme. From head to toe there is perfection to admire.

I had the honour of worshiping Mistress Astrid’s heeled shoes and divine feet which were covered in soft black nylon stockings. Her scent was everything a foot slave dreams of! Mistress Astrid’s feet were so perfectly shaped that I had to break kissing them for a second to compliment her.

Now, it isn’t all kiss and worship with this stunning mistress. I was made to practice sucking cock on a dildo attached to a mirror while mistress planted her beautiful legs on me as if I were a foot rest.

Mistress Astrid has a way of giving you the time of your life all whilst humiliating and getting into your mind. She expects the best from a sub and will certainly let you know when you disappoint - a hard slap to the face is one example.

I was next locked up by arms and legs before being teased by numerous toys, including being made to open my mouth to take her gorgeous spit. My favourite toy was the mini brush which Mistress hit me with on different areas of my body, leaving a tingling pain and rush of adrenaline. I was happy to be marked, and the marks certainly showed up and lasted afterwards. Mistress also has a way of getting close to you, so much so that you wish you could kiss her softly painted lips. Obviously, a sub can dream even if it will never happen.

This next part is why Mistress Astrid will have an amazing future as a domme. I unfortunately had a personal health issue arise during the wonderful time I was there, absolutely nothing to do with Mistress Astrid or the session. Mistress perfectly came out of the domme role to care and support me, getting me water and something sugary to eat, and then calmed me down. See, Mistress Astrid is not only a beautiful mistress and an incredibly strong young woman, she is a real and genuine person who cares for a sub! You can be sure you will be both dominated and cared for to the highest standards.

I cannot wait to serve Mistress Astrid again. She may be fairly new to the scene, but she 100% knows how to produce an amazing session and generate memories for a lifetime.

Thank you, Mistress Astrid! And sorry for being a rubbish sissy - I will get better under your guidance…😈

 by Gym perv
Mind blowing

Had a mind blowing session with Mistress Astrid today. She looked amazing and attitude was perfect from the moment I arrived. Nipple torture and beating combined with tease. A total mind fuck from start to finish

 by Marty
Best newcomer 2022

Right man, Holy fuck let me begin. I've seen dominatrix's from Scotland to Copenhagen and everything in-between. Professionally and privately. This has been one of my absolute best experiences I've had, to date. I look forward to many more. Honestly your wicked wee charm and how you performed our session was fantastic 100% what I hoped for and more.

 by Mistress Astrids slut
Mistress Astrid session

I had my first session with Mistress Astrid today and it's was the best experience I have had in my life. She will make you comfortable and warm but also make you weak for her as soon as you step your foot into the duegon. She was so good that it was almost to good to be true. Just lien in a movie. We started off by me obeying her legs and foot and cleaning her shoes, after that I managed to be leashed to her and she took full control over me. Then she tied me up against the wall and gave me some whips. After I got to worship her gorgeous ass which was so soft and satisfying. After that I got to swallow some of her spit and we did a little bit of anal play and pegging. I also got slapped I few times on the check if I didn't behave properly. Then we did a little bit of water play and last but not least I got to ejaculate for her because she demanded me to do so. She is very professional and always ask for permission If she can take a picture of you. I will definitely come back and her prices are very very good. Can't wait to see her again. Much love to her. Keep up the good work Mistress Astrid.

 by A

Words are difficult to find to describe just how wonderful Mistress Astrid is. Having taken the time to listen and understand what I was looking for in a session She didn't disappoint in any way and delivered it magnificently. Probably the most mind-blowing session I have ever had. Thank You so much. A

 by Abdul
Extremely beautiful sexy addictive goddess

Best mistress i ever met she’s the perfect blonde goddess who everyone dream out magical teasing tormenting eyes , body you will die to worship, definitely will visit again.